Downsized packing list for long term travels

I’ve decided to downsize from a 65L bag to a 25L… This will be the lightest I’ve ever carried… and I’m beginning to think I’m a bit nuts!! But I’ve always liked a challenge 🙂 So, why I have I downsized? The main reason is that I did my back in from swinging my 20kg backpack on my back last year. I also want to fit my bag on the ‘chicken buses’ with me in Central America, instead of sticking the bag on the roof.

So, the thing I hate doing the most, and what I’ve lost sleep over; deciding what the hell to pack, and how I’m going to fit it all in… and this is the result, my final packing list.


  • Kindle 6 (the smaller, cheaper one)
  • iphone 4 (with head phones, leads, my running arm strap)
  • Camera (plus leads and SD memory cards)
  • LED touch (my Dad brought for me)
  • USB 32GB


  • Brooks trainers/sneakers (I’m running a half marathon in LA, and a full in Eugene – so running gear is a must)
  • Tevas (Mum & Dad brought me for a Christmas present)
  • North Face trekking shoes (brought these in Peru, I’m sure they don’t have much life left in them)
  • Thongs (flip flops to all you non-aussies)
  • Flat shoes (…admittedly I probably have one too many pairs of shoes, but to be fair, I own about 300 pairs, so cutting it down to 5 is pretty bloody good going lol)


  • 1x Sarong (blanket, spare towel, scarf and for extra privacy in those dorm rooms)
  • 1x North Face water proof jacket
  • 1x Zip off pants/shorts
  • 3x singlets, various colours
  • 2x leggings
  • 1x bikini
  • 1x Scarf
  • 2x lightweight dresses (need something to wear in Vegas)
  • 1x long sleeved top
  • 1x Jeans (the debatable travel item – heavy and bulky, however, warm, practical, and goes with everything… can even wear out to the pub, and not look like a daggy backpacker)
  • 1x tights (good for warmth and dressy for pubs etc.)
  • 2x tops (lightweight)
  • 2x shorts (running shorts and denim shorts)
  • 1x hat
  • 2x cardie (one woolie one, one thin one)
  • 2x thick pairs of socks; 5 normal pairs of socks
  • 11x undies
  • 4x bras; 2x running bras
  • 1x headband
  • Micro fiber towel

First aid kit:

  • Needles and thread
  • Malaria tablets (left over from my Amazon trip)
  • ibuprofen
  • ibuprofen cream (mainly for my runs)
  • antiseptic cream
  • Paracetamol
  • Gastrolites (I would never travel without these)
  • Antihistamines (again, would never travel without these)
  • Antihistamine cream
  • Bandages and bandaids (plasters for my British readers)
  • Tape (medical and electric tape)
  • Chlorine dioxtablets (for purifying water)


  • Hair brush (really wanted one of those cheap fold away ones with the mirror, but never got around to buying one)
  • Make up bag; nail polish – I really missed this last time I went traveling, mascara, eye shadow, blush, eye liner
  • Face wipes (a God send when you’re camping in the middle of nowhere and haven’t had a shower for a few days)
  • DEET (stored in plastic zip lock bags in a separate compartment to my other things)
  • Toothbrush & holder
  • Toothpaste & floss
  • Small shampoo and conditioner
  • Body butter (at high altitude your skin really does dry out)
  • lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lucas Paw Paw (No Aussie girl travels without)
  • Body wash
  • Sun screen
  • Razor
  • Tweezers
  • Swiss army knife (I’ve put this in my toiletries bag, that’s the only reason I’ve included it in this section lol)
  • Pocket mirror
  • Lighter
  • Moon cup
  • 2x Pocket soap
  • 2x earrings
  • Hair ties

Other random bits and pieces:

  • Compression bag (Michael kindly gave me)
  • Pocket Spanish dictionary (for when I get to Mexico)
  • 2x books which my best mate Faye gave to me
  • pack of playing cards
  • hammock with mozzie net
  • Plastic zip locked bags
  • prescription glasses
  • Plug adaptor (my multi adaptor fried itself in Argentina)
  • Washing bag
  • Cotton carrier bag
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye mask
  • Note book & pens
  • Money belt
  • small handbag
  • Passports (UK & Aussie)
  • Purse & a number of different credit cards, debit cards and cash cards
  • Water proof bag
  • Multi sink plug
  • Washing line
  • Clips for hang things off my bag
  • A guardian angel my cousin brought me when I left the UK last year, before my 5 month trip around South America
  • Padlocks
  • Snacks for the first budget flight, and an empty plastic bottle to fill up for the flight
  • Photocopies of passports


I had my doubts, but they actually work quite well. This bag contains about 80% of my clothes.
Compression bag – I had my doubts, but they actually work quite well. This bag contains about 80% of my clothes.

The sad thing about my packing list – most the clothes I’ve packed are the same clothes I took around South America with me… I recall myself getting excited for being able to wear different clothes when I got back to Perth, however now I’m resorting back to my old, tatted clothes.

Some how I managed to squeeze it all in … with a few pairs of shoes hanging off my hand luggage 🙂

My downsized backpack and handluggage

I plan on getting rid of a few things and ditching my hand luggage bag by the time I get to Central America… the aim is to have only one bag, which I can fit on the ‘chicken buses,’ under my seat, in Central America, but we shall see how I go 🙂

So, all set and ready to go!!!

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