Hollywood Half Marathon 6th April 2013 – the unhealthy training plan

While I was living in the UK I was a regular runner, completed a couple of half and full marathons, and following a strict training plan (no alcohol, interval training etc.), but when I traveled to South America this all came to a end, and I became it bit unfit. When I went back to Perth I decided I wanted to get back into shape, and I needed a goal to work towards, hence the Hollywood half… though I didn’t quite factor in the heat of Perth, excessive drinking and my “feeder” parents, and just the lack of available time to actually run.

So the past few months training has included:

– Wine tasting weekend in Margaret River

– Wine tasting in Swan Valley

– Mixing drinks at every social event

– Injuring my hip while lifting crates of beer

– Getting smashed in LA on a pub crawl a couple of days before the half

– Walking from Hollywood to Griffith Observatory the day before the half, in thongs, and successfully blistering my feet

– Hostel party the night before the 6am marathon start (only having 3 hours sleep the night before the marathon)

Marathon day:

5am: up early at the Hollywood international hostel … drunk guests still roaming the hostel from the party the night before. Ate a couple of bananas and some muesli bars, done a couple of stretches.

5.30am: Walked outside the hostel, the start line is about a 2 minute walk from the hostel door. My travel buddy Michael decides he will come and see me off at the starting line. Feeling: tired, exhausted, fatigued… muscles, feeling pretty sore, feet feeling pretty blistered.

6am: Start time… I’m in group 6, hoping to finish around the 2 hour mark.

6.06am: Actually get to pass the start line, and the half marathon starts… feeling good, keeping up with the marker, actually considering going for my PB

7am (ish): I realise they lied to me, there are hills… there is noway I’m going to beat my PB, fatigue sets in… uplifted by the support of other runners, and overwhelmed by running along Sunset Bvld… singing California by the Red hot Chilli Peppers

8.09am: Pass the finish line… Happy days!! Completed the marathon in 2hours 3minutes, not a PB (personal best), but I’m still incrediably happy with the result. I then spend the next 30 minutes trying to find Michael, and he is nowhere to be seen… eventually I do find him, he told me he had went back to bed, and missed me cross the finish line… oh well, got to avoid the really bad finisher photo 🙂

11am: Michael decides we should walk to Beverley Hills to ‘stretch out’, we end up walking for about 3 hours, sleeping under a tree for about 2, then heading back to the hostel… completely exhausted!!! The rest of the day is a bit of a blur…

Marathon review:-

Best motivation poster: “Run the zombies are after you”

Best costume: Goofy, marlyn monroe, banana man… I think credit should go towards the guy running while pushing a baby in a pram, not quite a costume but definitely impressive

Track: Well, firstly they lied, “No hills!!!”, ran up at least 2 short but steep hills and one long hill. Appartently the hills weren’t as bad as the 2012 track.

Atmopshere: Good. Not much spectator support, but the support from other runners was great.

Medal & goody bag: OTT!! The medal is big, heavy and sharp… not ideal for a backpacker, but could potentially be used as a weapon on the road trip if needs be. The goody bag was really good, and I love my runners tshirt.

Injuries: Surprisingly none, other than some pretty sore muscles. I did see someone taking away in a amburlance just after the 2 steep hills.

Overall: 7.5/10

So, stupidly I signed up for a full marathon in Eugene, OR on 26th April. Attempting to reach my goal to run a marathon in each of the 7 continents before I turn 30. So far this week my training plan has followed much the same as my previous training plan… drinking too much, and not running enough. I’m actually about to head out for my first run of the week, with only 15 days to go and counting (at least technically I have been tapering…)

Wish me luck!!!

About Cycle Trekkers

Life is awesome - make the most of it, while you can! I love to travel, keep active, meet new people and challenge myself. I have a background in environmental management and tourism and hope to one day open my own eco-tourism/ hostel business. I'm currently on a world cycle tour - 15,500km and still rolling! Join our journey and check out where in the world we are cycling at www.cycletrekkers.com We're also starting a new project, called Beerycycle Touring. Beercycle Touring is about cycling around the world to discover cycle friendly breweries and find tasty local beers. We'll share our findings on the web and hope you will do the same, so we can grow a beercycling community. Become a beercyclist at www.beercycletouring.com Safe travels!
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1 Response to Hollywood Half Marathon 6th April 2013 – the unhealthy training plan

  1. Jane says:

    Good luck on the full marathon, Kelly will be thinking of you, need to post your blog on FB. X


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