Our USA road trip route

The 6500 mile route we took:

Starting in Los Angeles, California (more specifically Redondo beach), we headed North, following Route 1 along the coast. Spent the night camping just outside Cambria. Then continued along Big Sur to Monterey, where we spent the night. Continued to San Francisco, stayed in Marin Hedlands. Continued to Mendocino, the Redwood National Park. From here we headed East and crossed into Oregon to Chiloquin to check out crater lake. Next was Eugene, Portland, then crossed into Washington to Mt St Helens National Park. Then Quilcene near Olympic National Park, caught the ferry from there to Seattle, then South to Mt Rainier National Park, then further east to Spokane. Passed through Idaho to Missoula in Montana, from here we headed South to Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park, the Teton National Park and Jacksonville. From here we traveled in and out of Idaho and Wyoming to Utah. Stopped in Salt Lake City for a few nights, then headed further South to Capitol Reef, Grand staircase eacalante, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Finally continued South to Arizona to check out the Grand Canyon. Next was Nevada, stopping in Las Vegas for a week. After Vegas we headed back to California, after stopping for the night in some unknown town in Nevada. We drove through Death Valley, spent the night near Bishop, then headed to Yosemite national park. We then headed back South to Some town called Tulare and went to Sequoia national park. From here we headed back to Ventura then back South to LA.


About Cycle Trekkers

Life is awesome - make the most of it, while you can! I love to travel, keep active, meet new people and challenge myself. I have a background in environmental management and tourism. Yoga teacher, running coach and massage therapist at www.KellySheldrick.com Previously was on a world cycle tour - 20,000km on two wheels! Join our journey and check out where in the world we cycled at www.cycletrekkers.com Safe travels!
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