Jungle sunset!?!


Sunset from the jungle island, Isla de Flores. A small island town situated in the North of Guatemala. Not a bad place to get stuck for a few days with a stupid infection, though the mozzies are stealthy little bastards and leave bites the size of a one cent coin. This is the starting point for the El Mirador, 6 day trek into the jungle, where we will discover the still partially unexplored Mayan ruins.
Before we venture off on that exciting adventure, we are awake, bright and early at 4am to visit the more famous Tikal, Mayan ruins and pyramids… That’s if this shuttle bus ever shows up!!!

About Cycle Trekkers

Life is awesome - make the most of it, while you can! I love to travel, keep active, meet new people and challenge myself. I have a background in environmental management and tourism. Yoga teacher, running coach and massage therapist at www.KellySheldrick.com Previously was on a world cycle tour - 20,000km on two wheels! Join our journey and check out where in the world we cycled at www.cycletrekkers.com Safe travels!
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