Aiming to raise $1 for every kilometre cycled…a bit ambitious, that’s why I need your help! – Did I mention that it’s my birthday tomorrow – what better present than a small donation and sharing my donations page with friends and family 😉 Like. Share. Donate.

I’m currently cycling from France to China on a 10,000km bicycle trip through Europe and Central Asia with my boyfriend Michael – not only will our be carbon footprint be minimal, we will also be fit and healthy, cycle machines (I hope) ☺ And what better way to get ourselves motivated to cycle then to fundraise for a great charity like WaterAid!!

We are aiming to raise $1 for every kilometre we cycle – it’s an ambitious target, but with your love and support I’m sure we can reach it.

WaterAid helps provide sustainable support to communities, by providing the knowledge, funding and guidance to support projects which will empower women, restore dignity and educate them on hygiene and healthcare.

There is a wide range of projects that WaterAid has supported;

$10,000 could provide a water tank, pipes, a tap stand, fencing around the spring and enough pit toilets for around 20 households in a Timor-Leste village. There would likely be left over funds for training members of the community to maintain their gravity fed water system, parts, and hygiene education.

$4,700 could provide a school in Papua New Guinea with a rainwater harvesting system for up to 200 students (toilet block, hygiene education and washing facilities), This would help keep children in school, giving them the best possible opportunity to achieve their full potential. $10,000 could potentially assist 400 children, allowing them to stay in school and complete an education.

To read more about WaterAid and the work they are involved in, check out there homepage

To keep up to date with the latest of our cycle adventures, check out our facebook page. We will try and post regular updates, photos and videos of the trip

Please show your support and donate – however big, however small, all donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you 🙂 Xx Cycle safe Xx


Cycle fun in the sun!

Cycle fun in the sun!


About Cycle Trekkers

Life is awesome - make the most of it, while you can! I love to travel, keep active, meet new people and challenge myself. I have a background in environmental management and tourism and hope to one day open my own eco-tourism/ hostel business. I'm currently on a world cycle tour - 15,500km and still rolling! Join our journey and check out where in the world we are cycling at We're also starting a new project, called Beerycycle Touring. Beercycle Touring is about cycling around the world to discover cycle friendly breweries and find tasty local beers. We'll share our findings on the web and hope you will do the same, so we can grow a beercycling community. Become a beercyclist at Safe travels!
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