Greetings from China!!!

We made it to China!!!

14 countries, 6.5 months and 8270km cycled with only 750km to go until we reached our final destination, Urumqi! We’ve endured all seasons, multiple injuries and illnesses and varies terrians… And somehow we’ve both arrived in one piece.
Once we get to Urumqi we hope to donate our bikes to an orphanage before heading the rest of the way to Beijing. We’ll be back in Perth on 11th Nov, a couple of weeks earlier than planned.

Blogs, photos and videos of the Stan and China to follow soon 🙂

Thanks again to all the people that have donated, sent messages and supported us throughout the cycle trip. You guys are awesome! Unfortunately, we are having issues connecting to most social media in China and our VPN doesn’t seem to be working, but we’ll reply when we can.

If you would like to make a donation for our efforts, please visit our fundraising pages below. How ever big or small, all donations are greatly appreciated.


St Rocco’s hospice






About Cycle Trekkers

Life is awesome - make the most of it, while you can! I love to travel, keep active, meet new people and challenge myself. I have a background in environmental management and tourism. Yoga teacher, running coach and massage therapist at Previously was on a world cycle tour - 20,000km on two wheels! Join our journey and check out where in the world we cycled at Safe travels!
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